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Firstly, we may be independent, but we certainly aren't alone.


Our aim is to use our expertise to take the stress and hassle of anything events, production, comms and engagement orientated out of our clients hands. Thus freeing them to look at the bigger picture, whilst we do the leg work; simple!

Our ethos is about being able to think freely, work smartlywith flexibility and collaborate effectively with the best independent specialists in the business. The end result is imperative and we strive to deliver beyond expectations every time.

Essentially, we are a consultancy or think-tank with exceptional benefits other words, we do some great thinking, with even better doing!

As a bespoke-solution-driven company, specialising in the creation, planning and delivery of the perfect answer to our clients wants and needs, we think clearly and creatively across:

- Events

- Live Production

- Creative Communications

- Engagement 

NOT JUST ANOTHER multi-functional AGENCY

After more than 20 years working in events, performance improvement and engagement agencies, we've learnt a lot about what makes them tick, what makes them strong, what makes them weak and what often holds them back.

Rules, they have to follow rules!


They have so much to consider internally, that it can often limit what, when, where and how they are able to offer services to clients....and after all, clients and their 

needs are at the heart of what really matters. 


At The Independent Thinker we are not constrained by the rules of the agencies; we can let loose to open our minds, think freely and dare to be different.

How do we manage this? Well that's quite a simple concept really:

  • We have all the talent and experience you require to get the job done.

  • Without all the big (or small) overheads of the big agencies.

  • We have a network of expert collaborators ready to supply us with the services we need for any project.

  • Without all the departments and staff that you pay for even when not using those services. 

  • We only offer bespoke solutions, so you know that your programme is created solely for your specific needs.

  • It means we are not pushing an 'off the shelf' product as a square peg to fit your round hole.

We are The Independent Thinker


After graduating Leeds Met University with a degree in Event Management, I headed to London and the start of my true education in the world of events and communication. 


I embraced agency life as an Event Manager working on a wide range of UK programmes, from incentives to conferences, roadshows to team building. 

Over time I naturally progressed to greater and more complex projects. Leading teams of great people and working with fantastic clients across the automotive, telecoms, agricultural, financial industries. 


I've been creating, developing and executing bespoke programmes for over 20 years, 

both in the UK and around the world.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented people in the industry, making it my mission to learn as much as possible and continuously develop my skills and abilities.


Now, having built a strong network of trusted specialists, suppliers and collaborators in the UK and overseas, it is time to do what I do best for me and my clients; independently, but not alone!

"I'm a forthright, straight talking Yorkshireman;
honest, loyal and to the point"
OUR services

All our services are bespoke, tailored to your specific needs. Our passion for collaboration means we favour a partnership-approach with our clients. We've found this the best way to really understand what our clients want to achieve and why they want to achieve it. Gaining this insight allows us to create solutions for you against your given criteria for your target audience; your network or channel; or your employees.

With our network of trusted collaborators in the UK and around the world, we can confidently offer all our services with a global reach. Whether in the UK or beyond, in English or multiple languages, for 10 people or 1,000, we can create and deliver the appropriate solution in a professional, cost effective and timely manner, whilst relieving you of the hassle and stress of the complex logistics.....and we do it all with a smile on our faces!

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Creative Communications


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