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Not too long ago now I launched my company and website www.theindependentthinker.co.uk in the midst of probably the most challenging time my generation has experienced. "There's nothing like a challenge to get the brain moving!" I thought to myself, and this is one hell of a challenge, in the work sense of the word anyway.

With that word 'challenge' rattling around my head, I started thinking about the main issues I will have to contend with, to really get things up and running as a new business; not just in this COVID effected world, but as a new business in general, with no financial history, no 'big company' support and no chance when it comes to passing the dreaded procurement process!

That last paragraph makes it all sound so negative, so why take on the challenge in the first place?

Firstly, being negative gets you nowhere other than down and quite frankly, that's just not me. Plus, who wants to work with negative people, it's simply draining and makes any task with an edge of difficulty even harder. For the most part, I am a positive person; a realist at work, a dreamer in my spare time, a pragmatist in life and a firm believer in karma, luck and impecable timing. I've made it to this point in my life thanks to all those things and I've had a damn fine life so far, with lots to look forward to in the future and that is despite what COVID has managed to take away!

Secondly, accepting or taking on a challenge is not meant to be easy, otherwise it wouldn't be called a challenge! I have started simply and efficiently, setting my sights slightly lower than world domination (said with a maniacal twang), aiming to work project by project, client by client and building loyalty, delivering quality and ensuring satisfaction. I am still looking for that first client to take a chance on me, I know it's a tough ask at these times, but when that first one does, I know I need to blow them away with what I can deliver.

Thirdly, the difference between what I'm offering and that of a traditional agency is subtly, yet importantly different and it's what I think big business and corporate clients should be looking at to create, implement and manage their range of communication, event and engagement projects in this new environment.

In the first instance, my approach is more consultative and collaborative with a client. I am there to talk through their thoughts, assess their wants and needs and advise, direct and lead them on the development of those ideas to the perfect solution and of course direct and manage the delivery of the project. My role to find the best solution, leads me to my collaborative partners; specialists in their own fields, people I know and trust to work with me and more importantly, to work with my clients and be part of that solution. Building a project specific team of experts focused on my clients immediate solution, means that the client gets the best-in-the-business minds and only pays for the expertise they need, not those back in the agency office they don't and won't use.

So, with all that said, how the hell am I going win that first client?

Well I'm going to keep writing these blogs for my site and LinkedIn for a start, hoping that my dulcet northern words strike a chord with people out there in the corporate world. I'm already chatting away with my network of industry specialists, knowing that we are a great community with complimentary services that our collective clients may need. I will pursue client contacts from my previous employed life, to see how I could be of service....and finally I will hope and pray that a little luck, timing and karma flows my way and that first special client decides to take a chance on an Independent Thinker for their business and lets me pile 20 plus years of experience and energy into their project.

Go on, take a chance, drop me a line and let's chat!

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