Our special projects (although technically all our projects are special) are niche skills and areas of specialism that we focus on for a specific clientele, business or industry.

These areas of specialism change, develop, grow and move on and very much can depend on timing, situations, restrictions, needs and budget. 

As a company born out of the 'lockdown' era, we have found the COVID restrictions have forced changes in the ways they communicate with their target audiences for many industries, businesses and organisations.

As a solutions-lead company, we have looked at creative, yet simple, cost-effective and impactful virtual communication tools to help clients to get their message, whatever that may be, to their audience.

Our independent thinking for fresh solutions have lead us on a journey to discover what we can help with to get the message out there, this includes:

- Media creation for websites (video)

- eComms media (video, graphics, etc.)

- Showreels

- Virtual tours, presentations, awards 


We have recently helped one London Borough school solve several communication and celebration issues brought on by the COVID restrictions. Highly important live, interactive events that take place annually at the school and form key elements of the school calendar, were not able to happen due to the enforced rulings. So far, we have completed four projects for the same school, with great feedback.


Our solution was to take this virtual, using the medium of video. We were able to keep this cost effective by pre-planning the shoot and keeping it within one day, shoot all the footage, including interviews to camera and more general scenic shots on the latest mobile phone cameras (with excellent results) and completing the edit, including all graphics and musical elements, within one and half days.

We followed up the first programme with addition videos to cover:

- Virtual School Tour

- Virtual Prospective Parents Evening Presentation

- Virtual Charitable Team Awards Video

Above is a short highlights video to illustrate what we can do with video and graphics and how we could bring your message to life!